Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flashback flames

Hello everyone! Can you believe this year is almost over? It seems like it flew by, my son will be two soon! On Christmas, my dad and I were talking about things we remembered from my childhood.

Let me tell you about my dad, he is the strongest hardworking person in the entire world. I can go to him for anything and he is my rock when I'm feeling down. My dad has been through a lot, he was in a motorcycle accident when I was a kid, had bark from a palm tree stuck into his eye, practically cut his finger off, and just recently had surgery to remove a skin cancer spot from his arm. He loves drag racing and he used to paint cars for extra cash. He built his own race car from the ground up and just recently retired. My dad is my world.

Anyways, we were talking about when I had sprained my wrist rollerblading and he painted flames on my cast. Well when thinking of everything that's happened I thought ide make a manicure dedicated to my dad.

I did a flame manicura with julep nail therapy as my base coat, three coats of zoya-paz, a very neon orange with an insanely amazing formula, the color is so squishy and I scored this baby for 3.99 on clearance at ulta! I painted the flames with black and yellow acrylic paint, followed with finger paints new special effects in asylum. It has purple and orange and some angles of green flanked, with a coat of Orly sec n dry and a thick coat of color club top coat.

This mani was so much fun to do, I even cried when doing it! Hope you like it and tell me your thoughts! Until next time!


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