Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello My Sweets, I know I know, two posts in one day?! But I was really excited to share this with you. Now before we go anywhere I'de like to set a few things straight. 1) This post will be EXTREMELY picture heavy. 2) This haul is not from a weeks worth of purchases, this is over the last two months or so that I have been piling up pictures to show you. Now that we have that out of the way, onto the post shall we?! All photo's names will go from L-R.

Cult Nails : Cruisin Nude, Captivated, Flushed *swwwooooonnn*

When Cult Nails hit 10,000 fans they had an $8 sale so of course I took advantage!

Nerd Lacquer: Entirely Unlike Tea and All of Time and Space

When I heard Amanda was going to have a restock I jumped and refreshed a zillion times. FINALLY!

KBShimmer: A Dot Mess, Lilac Dreams, Iris My Case, and Where My Peeps At?

KBShimmer: Pastel Me More, Spring Training, Lottie Dottie & Let's Get Star-Ted

I picked up all of these the day that the spring collection released, I knew I HAD to have them.

LynBDesigns: Quintessential Kiwi, Princess Buttercup, Not So Conversational Hearts & The Banker

It's no secret that I love all of Jenna's creations, she also has amazing sales so I picked up a few more.

Darling Diva Polish: Slutty Pumpkin, Honey Do, Bazinga, I'm Fwee and Peonie

Again, another not so secret that I love Darling Diva, Carrie always has the most amazing polishes and I had been lemming Slutty Pumpkin for a long time, so I grabbed a *few* more while I was there.... oops.

Dandy Nails: Started Out With A Kiss, You Set My Soul Alight, Bound To Fall & Chilled Down

I had been DYING to get my hands on some Dandy Nails and after they released their Valentine collection I knew it had to be mine.

Pretty & Polished: May Flowers, S'no Mans Land, Everybody Loves Penguin, & Flip Flop Fuggetaboutit!

P&P were the first indie polishes I ever owned, and to this day Jawbreaker will forever have a special place in my heart, but Chelsea never ceases to amaze me with new polishes.

Polish Addict: Drunken Elephant, Breaking Dawn, Metal Princess, Unicorn Love & 80's Baby

Laura from A Polish Addict has quickly become a near and dear friend to me, just earlier today I posted a polish she made for me named after my blog. She was running a sale so of course I had to pick up some stuff, including (not pictured) CUTICLE OIL!!!

GlitterDaze: La Santa Muerte, The Charmed Ones, Twilight In Tuscon, Aphrodite, Birthday Cupcake, Hearts in Her Eyes

GlitterDaze was a new company to me but I had seen so many beautiful swatches of them I knew I HAD to have some!

27 Polish: Pinkie Promise, Change is Good, Love Always & Evil Stepsisters

27 polish is another brand that was introduced to me by Kimber from Kimbers Lacquer Corner, and I am so impressed with the polishes!

Enchanted Polish: Tenderhearted

This is my first Enchanted Polish and I am so excited to finally have one!

Daily Lacquer: Fluffy Cotton Candy, Ice Cold Lemonade, Circus Tent, Mrs. Mime & Sparkle Princess Dress

When I found out Maggy was launching her Welcome to the Circus Collection I knew it had to be MINE.

Daily Lacquer: Chibiusa, Haruka, Hotaru & Michiru

And... while I was at it I had to get a few more....

Jindie Nails: Snow Angels, Princess Breath, Princess BubbleGum, Taste Like Snozberries, Live Out Loud, Rave, & Guns N Roses

I also got a few mini's...

Jindie Nails: Candy Land Remix, Pretty Penny, Barney Blew Up, Strawberry Cupcake, I'm a Star Dot Com & Burrrberry

AND last but not least, my new baby :)

I know I know, you probably thing I am crazy right? Well, at least I have a ton of storage for all my new babies.

Anything you'de like to see first? I know it's a lot to take in, even I couldn't believe it as I started editing photos! Don't forget, once my Facebook page hits 150 likes I will start a giveaway!

Until Next Time!


  1. OMG so many indies you are so lucky :) But I love the phone cover the best :) it's the cutest thing ever :)


  2. Wooooooooow! Great polish station! :D You'll have so much fun!

  3. Ohhh I just dropped dead!!! I'm jealous lol! Huge and AMAZING haul! Can't wait to see what you'll do with some colors :) Kisses,


  4. Soooooo jealous of all the indie polish!!!! Its so pretty <3

  5. When you wrote *huge* you really meant it, uh?

  6. I'm dying to know how much you spent! Remember you can't lie to your followers!!!! :}