Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flashback flames

Hello everyone! Can you believe this year is almost over? It seems like it flew by, my son will be two soon! On Christmas, my dad and I were talking about things we remembered from my childhood.

Let me tell you about my dad, he is the strongest hardworking person in the entire world. I can go to him for anything and he is my rock when I'm feeling down. My dad has been through a lot, he was in a motorcycle accident when I was a kid, had bark from a palm tree stuck into his eye, practically cut his finger off, and just recently had surgery to remove a skin cancer spot from his arm. He loves drag racing and he used to paint cars for extra cash. He built his own race car from the ground up and just recently retired. My dad is my world.

Anyways, we were talking about when I had sprained my wrist rollerblading and he painted flames on my cast. Well when thinking of everything that's happened I thought ide make a manicure dedicated to my dad.

I did a flame manicura with julep nail therapy as my base coat, three coats of zoya-paz, a very neon orange with an insanely amazing formula, the color is so squishy and I scored this baby for 3.99 on clearance at ulta! I painted the flames with black and yellow acrylic paint, followed with finger paints new special effects in asylum. It has purple and orange and some angles of green flanked, with a coat of Orly sec n dry and a thick coat of color club top coat.

This mani was so much fun to do, I even cried when doing it! Hope you like it and tell me your thoughts! Until next time!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Glitter french? Oh lala

Hi everyone! It's been an amazing past couple of days and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I got lots of new goodies to show. Today I have for you, wet n wild its all in the cut from the ice ice baby collection. Its a PACKED light purple glitter. I layered 2 coats over a confetti color I got on sake at CVS (ill add the name later) and added black star stamps from plate bm21, along with a Cuban tip with a sinful colors striper! Or course followed with a coat of Orly sec n dry and a thick coat of seche vite.

I loved this combo and got lots of compliments on it, I will defanitley do it again!

Haul post to come and until next time!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Hello and merry Christmas eve! I wish I had a christmas mani to show but that will be tomorrow! Today I have a julep polish for you. A few weeks ago I got my first julep box, I am "it girl" I was picked the most beautiful colors. I am very impressed with julep and can't wait for my other boxes to arrive. But for today I have Christina, a shimmery deep orange, it was very difficult to photograph the correct color of this polish. Great formula, quick dry time as well.

Are you a julep maven? Let me know if you like it! Until next time!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sugar plum fairy

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner! It went by so quick, this is my sons second Christmas and I am so excited for him.

Today I have Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy. This has to be my most favorite glitter of the set. Its a lilac base glitter PACKED with lilac and holo glitter! So much holo-y goodness! This had a wondedul formula and suprisingly it wasn't much of a top coat eatter, two coats of Orly sec n dry and I was good to go with minimal tip wear after 2 days! I layered this over a sheer pink basecoat. One coat sheer, two coats of sugar plum fairy and two coats Orly sec n dry!

Warning! Very pic heavy!

What do you think of sugar plum fairy?

Until next time!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beyond the mistle toe

Hello everyone! Sorry for being mia! work has been super crazy and by the time I get home I am beat to shreds.

Today I have color clubs beyond the mistletoe from this years holiday glitter collection. I am absoloutley in LOVE with these! 4 out of the 6 colors have holographic glitters! Seriously, who could not love these? I will be posting color clubs over the next few days because I love them so much and they are perfect for Christmas time!

Beyons the mistletoe is a beautiful green jelly base packed with dense silver green and holographic glitters! My pictures do NOT do this one justice, my camera wont pick up its true color:( these pictures were taken in artificial light and outdoors in the shade (granted we are in Arizona and the one day I choose to take pictures its cloudy and rainy, BOO)

Do you have this set? What is your favorite glitter? Until next time!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Not so polished post

No mani today, ill be posting that tomorrow, my SD card decided to crash and burn lastnight and lost all of my pictures. So I will be retaking and posting later! So today I have a post of some hair flowers I made instead, I've had these pictures saved on my phone for quit a while. Since I said Ide post all of the things I love, here we go! Until next time.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All about Essie

Hello everyone and welcome! This week has been an up and down week for me, work has been crazy and I've really been missing my soon. He said cookie for the first time today and I just about cried! Time really does fly by. Enough of the sappiness!
Today I have an all about Essie post. I purchased my first Essie polishes a little over a week ago, I've heard so many good things about them and since the luxeeffects came out I had to try! I have turquoise and caicos and shine of the times for you. Turquoise and caicos is exactly what its name is, a beautiful shade of turquoise. Shine of the times is a clear jelly base with irrisescent gold flakie that in different light goes from gold, red, green and sometimes a slight ttint of blue. These polishes all have a wonderful application with no cuticle flooding! Shown is 2 coats of turquoise and caicos, and one coat of shine of the times. I hope you enjoy and until next time!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Funky french

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I have a funky french tip for you:) to achieve this mani I used Sally Hansen pardon my french and china glaze liquid leather for the black tip and a silver striper! I love the Sally Hansen salon brush top! Its rubberized so it has grip and doesn't fall! This is 3 coats of pardon my french and then one thick coat of seche vite. I have a love/hate relationship with seche vite. I hate the smell of it, and it shrinks soooo much! Well onto the pictures and until next time!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

huge haul!

Hello and happy thanksgiving! Today I have my first ever haul post! This is a HUGE haul for me. I'm talking 33 polishes. Im not going to post the name of them all if you have any questions about a certain color feel free to ask! I got all of these between Walmart, target and Ross, and this isn't just from today, its over a span of 3 days! Now including my julep box that's on it's way as well as my 4 bootie babes I will be up to around 110 polishes! Woohoo! Now excuse the super crappy cell phone pictures and terrible lighting! Hope you enjoy and until next time!


Sweet treats part two

Happy hump day! Did anyone guess what the sweet treats were? Its cupcakes! As soon as I saw the colors together I knew Ide have to do cupcakes. This is my little take on a treat themed mani. Hope you enjoy and haul posts coming! (I may have gone over board polish shopping..)


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet treats

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone has had a wonderful day! Today Ide like to show you a swatch (or two) before I do my nail art on it! I'm showing you Nicole by opi Hard-Kourt Fashionista and Salon Perfect in Honeysuckle. HKF is a beautiful dark brown creme/jelly. The formula is wonderful and is shown here with two coats. Now on my accent finger I used Salon Perfect Honeysuckle. I found this brand when I was shopping the nail polish and Walmart and figured for 2.98 it was worth a shot. I was amazed at how easily it applied and this is just ONE coat! I was shocked! I did not apply a topcoat because in my next post you'll be seeing my "sweet treat" nail art. I hope you and joy, and can you guess what the sweets are;)


Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick post

Hello everyone! I'm going to do a quick post and run but I wanted to show off my collection a little, now compared to a lot of the bloggers I have seen, this isn't anything. But to me this is a lot (until this week, haul posts to come!) I got this makeup stand from my work, we were getting rid of all of our makeup and they told us to toss the display, well I knew it would bbe perfect for my polish and makeup! Its not all loaded up yet but its getting there! Thanks for looking and check back for my hauls!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holo chrome

Yay for two mani posts in a day! I decided I wanted to go with one of the new kleancolors I just got in the mail the other day. It took a while but I finally chose holo chrome. I had read a lot about how kleancolor polishes were really smelly, boy was I hit with a surprise when I first opened the bottle. It was the strongest polish I had smelt yet! But for 1.75 this mani sure was worth it! Holo chrome is a beautiful almost deep purple base splashed with tons of holographic and chrome holo flanked (hence the name of it;)) for my mani I layered two coats over wet n' wilds black creme, topped with seche vite. Next time I put it on I think I will layer it over a royal blue or deep plum. Enough chit chat and on to the pictures! I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!


Fall watermelons?

Hello! I'm sorry for not posting latley, working 10-7 most days of the week it gets hard to get a good Mani in! But ill be posting quite a few things today, first is my fall watermelon Mani, now I know watermelons should have been posted but for some reason I had this crazy idea for this. I got a few new polishes and thought they would go great together! I used a base coat of pure ice dreamy, a beautiful pink jelly color with pink holo glitters in it! Delish! Then I used cherimoya 2012 crackle polish in crucify for my tips, to make the watermelon rind! Then black acrylic paint for the seeds and a coat of seche vite to top it off! Excuse the awful pictures, i had to make do woth artificial lighting this time because of my work hours. I hope you enjoy and see you in the next post:)


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peacock beauty

Hello, and long time no post! I've been quit busy with work and finally got a chance to post! Tomorrow(I hope) will be a post of my first nail mail consisting of 16 polishes! I'm working on trying to perfect my pictures, they aren't anywhere close to where they should be but hey! they are getting better! Enough with the rambling and on the the Mani! To make this Mani I used ulta jaded as the base, and acrylic paint for the "feather" minus the glitter which is Nicole by opi Kendall on the katwalk. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kendall on the catwalk

Good morning! Today I have a scheduled post since I've been sporting this Mani for a few days now. I have on Nicole by opi's kardashian collection and this one happens to be on of Kendall's. It is a beautiful blue, purple, green and silver dense glitter. In direct sunlight she is a complete beauty, I've been staring at them forever! This is 2 coats of on the catwalk over 2 coats china glaze liquid leather, followed by two coats of seche vite. This one is defanitley a top coat eater!

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!
- Sammi