Monday, March 25, 2013

Nail Care Tips & Tricks of the trade

Hello Again! I hope your weekend was a beautiful one. Me? I'm still having a rough time, but with the love of my polish sista's I'm trying to pull through. I get a lot of questions about my nail care and what I use, so I thought I'de compile it into a post for you. I will also make this a tab at the top of the page for easy access later on.

The first step to all my mani's after I have removed my polish is clean my nails and clean my hands of any stray glitter left behind. I use a manicure brush, these are readily available at almost any beauty supply. I picked mine up from head2toebeauty for around .89cents. I also use a sugar scrub to help with the moisture, I have quit a few different sugar scrubs but my favorite is Qtica Papaya Star Scrub that I received with one of my Zoya orders. It doesn't look like this is readily available by itself. What I love about this scrub is that it doesn't leave my hands greasy like some others I have tried.

Next would be cuticle care. The big thing with this is to make your cuticles look neat. I would say I'm pretty lucky that my cuticles rarely have dead skin or hang nails. About once a week during my "full routine" mani change I use Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Gel. This has a small tip that you can easily squeeze a small amount around the cuticle and rub it in. You wait a few minutes and then I use my birchwood stick to push back and remove any dead skin. I LOVE this birchwood stick, it's large enough for me to hold easily and it is double ended, one with a pusher and one with a pencil like tip to get underneath my nails as well. I picked mine up from Sally Beauty Supply for about .60cents. During the week if I get any hang nails or small pieces of dead skin I use my cuticle nippers to clip it off. I know some use regular nail clippers but I love these because they are pointed and get exactly where I need it. NEVER EVER EVER clip live skin, this will cause your cuticles and skin around it to grow back thicker and harder then before.

Moisturizing is KEY to everything. I use a load of different products, but here I have shown you some of my favorites. OPI Avojuice is what a lot of salons use, I was lucky enough to find a beauty supply around me that sells beauty products in bulk and got this large one for the price of a smaller one say at Ulta. They have nice scents and leave my skin super soft. The next thing I love is KBShimmers whipped shea butter in Vanilla. I use this once in the morning and once at night. It smells so divine and it melts into your skin without leaving a sticky greasy feeling. One other thing I really love is my Hoofer's Choice Nail and Cuticle cream. This also acts as a nail hardener which has helped strengthen my nails TREMENDOUSLY! My nails have never been as strong as they are today. I thank Hoofer's Choice for that;)

BIGGEST KEY OF ALL! To have really nice looking cuticle's cuticle oil is a MUST. Now, some of you may know, especially if you follow me on Instagram I am a HUGE cuticle oil hoarder. I love all of the different scents that they come in. I've chosen some of my favorites to show you. Polish Addict in Cucumber Melon, Nfu-oh in Budding Vanilla, and Sunny's Miracle Balm in Watermelon. I love all of these for different reasons. Polish Addict I like to use at night because it is long lasting, and it hydrates my nails while I'm catching up on some zzz's. The Nfu-oh I like to keep in my purse, it smells good and allows me to put it on throughout the day (But I also have around 4 other ois in my purse as well) and Sunny's Miracle Balm I like to use before I take photo's. Why? Because this is a balm so it doesn't leave any grease spots and soaks in rather quickly but keeps them looking nice. I love cuticle oil so much it is literally in every room of my house. I LOVE CUTICLE OIL!!! ;)

Filing, this is another big'n for me. I like to keep my nails square. Everyone has a nail shape they like but I think this one suits me well. When I first started painting my nails I was using the cardboard files, I could NEVER get my nails to square out the way I wanted. Then I found out about glass nail files. Oh the wonders that these bad boys could do. They make my nails not only square, but almost perfectly shaped each and every time. One thing I do as well is I file the sides of my nails to help keep that square shape and to keep from overgrowth of the sides of my nails. The cult nails file I leave in my purse since it has the fancy case to it;)

Base Coats 101: I've tried a million different base coats, some I love, some I hate, the ones I'm showing you are forever keepers in my book. I still will use others but these are just a few. Beauty Secrets, I use this one when I'm swatching. I know, I know, silly that I use a basecoat when swatching, but I'm really anal about staining that if I have to stop in the middle of swatching to pick up the baby or get Isaac something, I know my nails are protected from start to finish. Next, Rejuvacote. I LOVE this. My nails are so healthy looking and always grow really quickly when I use this. It also bonds with the nail polish and ALWAYS lets my mani's last longer. I use this when I'm wearing a "permanent" (maybe up to 3 days :P) mani. It is now available at my Wal-Mart so no more Amazon buying it for me!!! Then your probably wondering why that Seche Vite bottle there is white, but says topcoat. Well I had an empty bottle so I ended up putting glue in it so I can use it for a peel off base coat. I love using this method ESPECIALLY with glitter bombs or indie polishes. It makes my life 1000x easier, and saves my hands from acetone.

Top Coat 101: Okay, we all know that there are a MILLION different topcoats. We all have our preferences, here are just a FEW of the ones that I love. Obviously, Seche Vite is a given. Everyone knows about it, but what I find is that most people have a love/hate relationship with it. What I love about it is it gives me that super shine and drys SUPER quickly. What I hate about it is it shrinks the polish and tends to pull up my mani if I've put on too thick of a coat. Next, Out the Door is quickly becoming a favorite as well. It gives a gel like shine and actually is super quick drying, I have found no shrinkage with it, but haven't used it enough to see if it gets goopy after about 1/3 use of the bottle. Lastly, I really love NYC- In a New York Minute. It doesn't give a "gel" like shine but it does give it a great look. It doesn't dry as quickly as it proclaims, but as you can see from my bottle I really do love it. (Don't worry I have 3 back up bottles of it;))

Organization: This is a big deal to me. In a previous post you saw that I keep all of my polish in my melmers. Well how do I go about deciding what I want to wear when I can't see everything that I have? This is where my swatch sticks come in hands. I found these at a local beauty supply for a great deal because I didn't want to wait to receive them from eBay. I only have about 1/3 (what is shown isn't all of the sticks I have done) but I will slowly but surely get all caught up and make a spreadsheet. Each stick is labeled with the brand name and the color it is. What I like about these as opposed to nail wheels is if I have a glitter topper, I can easily choose a base by "laying" the stick on the color to see if it goes well together!

Lighting: This is what ensures that your photo's look neat and clear. Now, I'm not telling you to run out and get an entire studio type set up like I had to have, I did this out of me being anal and wanting to look fancy, ey, you fancy huh? I really love my set up and it really does make a difference for me. But even a good table lamp with a fluorescent daylight bulb would do just as well.

Photo Courtesy of Google

Camera: This is the camera I use for my photo's. You thought it would be something fancy right? Nope, not at all. I use a Nikon Coolpix L1610 and I LOVE IT! It takes great photo's and has the right amount of settings I need to ensure great photo's. I purchased mine at Target for $150.

And that's it folks, I hope that this helps some of you because I know I used to have no clue as to what I was doing. If you have any other questions that I didn't answer please feel free to comment below or use the contact tab to contact me and we can duke it out;)

Until Next Time!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adventures In Stamping- Spring Flowers

Good Morning my loves and Happy Sunday! Did you notice the blog makeover? I hope you enjoy it, it's still a work in progress but I'm trying! I haven't done a challenge in Adventures in Stamping in quit some time so why not start back up today! As soon as I saw the theme I knew how I wanted to approach it, I just wasn't sure what stamp to use. So off to my plate pile I went.

I started with a base of Sinful Colors- White on White and sponged on colors from the China Glaze Avent Garden Collection- Pink-ie Promise, Fade Into Hue, and Keep Calm, Paint On and also Lemon Fizz. I love how this came out, to me it looks like watercolors. I then Stamped with the original Bundle Monster Plate BM12 in white with Sinful Colors White on White.

To add a little bit more to it I added small pearls to some of the flowers. I got the pearls from bornprettystore, I love that they add a delicate touch to most anything.

I'm really loving gradients lately. This one I painted the polish into "squares" on the sponge. If anyone would like a tutorial I'de be happy to make it! What do you think of my Spring Flowers? I already can't wait to see what everyone else's looks like.

Until Next Time!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

VoxBox Sweetheart Box

Hello My Sweets! Today I have a non polish related post for you today. Have you ever heard of Influenster? It's a really great site where you can unlock certain badges just by giving feedback or inviting friends and if your lucky ;) you get free product to review. So I am showing you, my first VoxBox!

What is a VoxBox? This comes straight from the site. "It's a reward you might get for being a great Influenster. Too vague? OK fine, it's a box filled to the brim with the hottest products that interest you. Paying attention now? Here's how it works: Influensters are selected for FREE themed product shipments based on the Expert Badges they have unlocked and based on individual demographics. This ensures members receive products that match their interests. Members with high scores -- within the specific badge we are targeting at the time -- are prioritized, which is all the more reason to get your Influenster and Expert Badge scores high."

In my VoxBox I received tons of really great goodies so let me show you those!

The first item is the Olay Va-Va-Vida! The Va-Va-Vida is a power moisturizing system that uses a vibrating brush to help stimulate the skin. What I really love about this product is unlike a lot of the other vibrating scrubbers out on the market, this one has silicone bristles. Thus, leaving your skin soft and silky to the touch instead of leaving the skin dry.

The moisturizer it comes with also has a really great scent, not a chemically scent like a lot of the others. It leaves your skin soft for hours! No need to reapply.

Next, we have Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray. This spray is a spray infused with dead sea salt and sea kelp to help texturize your hair as if you just left the beach! What's really great about this is that you can use it like a dry shampoo to help provide volume and "matte" the hair. I have two kids ages 3 and 4 months, so getting a shower is hard, having time to wash my hair is even harder. So the days I have to skip a wash I put this in and VA VOOM. Perfect hair.

What's even better about this is the price. Depending on where you go it can range anywhere from $5 to $8, now for that price, I'm all game!

Then we have the Secret Clinical Strength Stress deodorarent. This stuff has me screaming for joy. I have always used a clinical strength deodarent, let's face it, again, two kids have me running around a lot so I like to stay dry. You can put this on at night to help keep you dry throughout the next day.

What's even better is the scent, I'm not a huge fan of the usual "baby powder" scent. This has a soft citrus scent without being overpowering, making me feel girly and un-smelly;)

This last item is the Skinny-Go-Girl 180 calorie Coco-nut bar. Unfortunately I could not try this item as I am allergic to peanuts so I had to rely on someone else for this review. The expert in hand told me that "the taste is odd, a mix of peanut butter and coconut just doesn't work for me"

So there you have it folks! My first VoxBox, if you'de like to join influenster there are a few easy steps and you could be on your way to receiving free product to review as well! You can sign up for free here, then you unlock badges, write reviews and there you have it!

Will you be joining Influenster?

Until Next Time!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

Friday, March 22, 2013

Butterflies for Spring Time

Hello & Happy Friday! Wow did this week go by fast again. Today I have for you some more nail art I did, I've been in a nail art mood and I'm really liking this groove. I was in a funk and only did swatches for a while but now I'm back! So here we go!

I started of with a gradient using Sinful Colors- Sugar Rush as a base. Then I used the makeup sponge methd and did a gradient with China Glaze- Grape Pop and Fancy Pants, I followed that with Seche Vite.

After the gradient dried I stamped over it with the butterfly image from BM-307 and Sinful Colors- Snow Me White, then topped again with Seche Vite.

I really love the way these came out, I plan on wearing these for a while! What do you think? Are you liking my nail art kick?

Don't forget 150 likes on facebook gets us a giveaway! I showed a sneakpeek of what the giveaway has in store on instagram;)

Until Next Time!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello My Sweets, I know I know, two posts in one day?! But I was really excited to share this with you. Now before we go anywhere I'de like to set a few things straight. 1) This post will be EXTREMELY picture heavy. 2) This haul is not from a weeks worth of purchases, this is over the last two months or so that I have been piling up pictures to show you. Now that we have that out of the way, onto the post shall we?! All photo's names will go from L-R.

Cult Nails : Cruisin Nude, Captivated, Flushed *swwwooooonnn*

When Cult Nails hit 10,000 fans they had an $8 sale so of course I took advantage!

Nerd Lacquer: Entirely Unlike Tea and All of Time and Space

When I heard Amanda was going to have a restock I jumped and refreshed a zillion times. FINALLY!

KBShimmer: A Dot Mess, Lilac Dreams, Iris My Case, and Where My Peeps At?

KBShimmer: Pastel Me More, Spring Training, Lottie Dottie & Let's Get Star-Ted

I picked up all of these the day that the spring collection released, I knew I HAD to have them.

LynBDesigns: Quintessential Kiwi, Princess Buttercup, Not So Conversational Hearts & The Banker

It's no secret that I love all of Jenna's creations, she also has amazing sales so I picked up a few more.

Darling Diva Polish: Slutty Pumpkin, Honey Do, Bazinga, I'm Fwee and Peonie

Again, another not so secret that I love Darling Diva, Carrie always has the most amazing polishes and I had been lemming Slutty Pumpkin for a long time, so I grabbed a *few* more while I was there.... oops.

Dandy Nails: Started Out With A Kiss, You Set My Soul Alight, Bound To Fall & Chilled Down

I had been DYING to get my hands on some Dandy Nails and after they released their Valentine collection I knew it had to be mine.

Pretty & Polished: May Flowers, S'no Mans Land, Everybody Loves Penguin, & Flip Flop Fuggetaboutit!

P&P were the first indie polishes I ever owned, and to this day Jawbreaker will forever have a special place in my heart, but Chelsea never ceases to amaze me with new polishes.

Polish Addict: Drunken Elephant, Breaking Dawn, Metal Princess, Unicorn Love & 80's Baby

Laura from A Polish Addict has quickly become a near and dear friend to me, just earlier today I posted a polish she made for me named after my blog. She was running a sale so of course I had to pick up some stuff, including (not pictured) CUTICLE OIL!!!

GlitterDaze: La Santa Muerte, The Charmed Ones, Twilight In Tuscon, Aphrodite, Birthday Cupcake, Hearts in Her Eyes

GlitterDaze was a new company to me but I had seen so many beautiful swatches of them I knew I HAD to have some!

27 Polish: Pinkie Promise, Change is Good, Love Always & Evil Stepsisters

27 polish is another brand that was introduced to me by Kimber from Kimbers Lacquer Corner, and I am so impressed with the polishes!

Enchanted Polish: Tenderhearted

This is my first Enchanted Polish and I am so excited to finally have one!

Daily Lacquer: Fluffy Cotton Candy, Ice Cold Lemonade, Circus Tent, Mrs. Mime & Sparkle Princess Dress

When I found out Maggy was launching her Welcome to the Circus Collection I knew it had to be MINE.

Daily Lacquer: Chibiusa, Haruka, Hotaru & Michiru

And... while I was at it I had to get a few more....

Jindie Nails: Snow Angels, Princess Breath, Princess BubbleGum, Taste Like Snozberries, Live Out Loud, Rave, & Guns N Roses

I also got a few mini's...

Jindie Nails: Candy Land Remix, Pretty Penny, Barney Blew Up, Strawberry Cupcake, I'm a Star Dot Com & Burrrberry

AND last but not least, my new baby :)

I know I know, you probably thing I am crazy right? Well, at least I have a ton of storage for all my new babies.

Anything you'de like to see first? I know it's a lot to take in, even I couldn't believe it as I started editing photos! Don't forget, once my Facebook page hits 150 likes I will start a giveaway!

Until Next Time!

A Polish Addict Swatches & Review

Good Morning My Lovelies! Today is a so-so day for me, but again, with the wonderful words from my polish sistas I am trying to be strong. This group of ladies has really given me a "virtual" shoulder to cry on when I need it. Well, enough sob and on to what you came for! I was going to wait till launch day to show you these but I just couldn't keep all the goodness to myself!

First up, we have Glitz N Glammer. Yup, that's right! Laura created a polish and named it after my blog!! When she asked me if she could I jumped at the oppertunity! I will forever cherish this polish.

Glitz N Glammer is a really light pink shimmer base FULL of, gosh I can't even name all the colors of glitters that are in this. There are pastel, neon, metallic all in hex and bar glitters along with micro glitters to boot! Also, to add to the mix of fun, a butterfly came out on the brush that I had NO idea was there, he was hiding ;) AH it is so beautiful and it SCREAMS me too which is the best part.

I used 3 very thin coats of Glitz N Glammer topped with a coat of Seche Vite. I couldn't stop looking at my nails, the pearlescent shimmer base is to die for.

The other thing I really love about Laura's bottles are the labels, she has unique labels, they have a print along with her shop name and her name, with small round stickers at the bottom for the polish name.

LOOK AT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I die, I swear, I die. I'm asstounded. The quality of her polishes is remarkable, the formula is always easy to work with, and get this, No. Thinner. Needed. Now that makes Sammi a happy indie lover!

This is Dream-Cicle. I could have DIED when I opened my package, when Laura showed sneak peek photos of this on Instagram I told her I would die if I didn't have it, and there it was in my package. <3

Dream-Cicle is a bright orange crelly base with LOADS of different shapes of glitters in all shades of colors as well! One thing Laura knows well is her glitter combinations. She doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well. Sorry small ramble there.

Again, I used 3 very thin coats for my swatches topped with Seche Vite.

You can find Laura at her shop here and also keep up to date with restocks on her facebook as well.

Laura will be stocking both of these shades along with a few others on Saturday March 23rd. ALSOOOOOO, she will be stocking her NEW CUTICLE LOTION STICKS AND CUTICLE CREAM. Yes, I had to yell, I am really excited for these and if I wasn't broke at the moment I would buy ALL OF THEM! (end vent)

What do you think Glitz N Glammer & Dream-Cicle? Do you have a favorite?

Until Next Time!

*Products in this post were provided to me for my honest review*