Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday!

Happy Halloween my pretties! Where did the month go? It seems like it just flew right by! Anyone have any special plans for tonight? I'll be taking Isaac out trick or treating (hopefully it goes well;)) He is going to be a pirate, arrgg matey!

Today I have for you the last mani in this month's Go Pink Wednesday. I'm so glad I have been able to fulfill each of this months Wednesday mani's. This was really important for me to finish, and so be it I did it!

There are a lot of pieces to today's mani. I started off with a base of China Glaze- Naked. I should have taken swatch photo's of this before, because it is such a beautiful pink. I'll be wearing this a lot, so don't worry, you'll get pictures;) Then I used one coat of JENsations Like Magic (a holographic topcoat)on my pointer and pinky, and two coats on my middle and ring finger. I was so sad when I received my bottle of like magic, my bottle came broken:( I salvaged what I could into an empty bottle and I quickly emailed, not expecting a replacement as I offered to pay for a new bottle, but she offered to send a replacement. I received the second bottle, and as soon as I opened the mailbox, I smelt it. My poor bottle hadn't made it again. I let her know that it was okay, but she insisted on sending another replacement. I hope the third times a charm! (I did order two other polishes that came in perfect condition)

I then stamped on the hearts using BM-317 and Sinful Colors- Snow me White, followed by Seche Vite. My camera didn't pick up the holo as nicely as I wanted, and seeing as I did this at night with no sun, I didn't catch outside pictures. But non-the less, I loved how this came out.

I hope you've enjoyed your October, and I'll see you tomorrow to kick off November;)

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky houses!

Hello Lovelies, Today I have for you the last halloween nail art I will be posting. Unfortunately I didn't finish either of the challenges I was in, with as much pain that I've been in lately I just couldn't keep up. You'll be seeing a new challenge *hopefully to finish* for the month of November.

Today I sort of compiled ideas from a few different places, I'll be taking Isaac out tomorrow night to go trick-or-treating, (he is going to be a pirate:) one place being a video tutorial from Ihaveacupcake, as you can see I really love this channel, and Nails by Kayla Shevonne, if your not following her you definitely should!

For today's mani I used Wet n Wild Megalast- On a trip as the base, for the "sky" I sponged on some Julep- Morgan, and for all details I used acrylic paint. I really loved the turn-out of this. I didn't let the yellow dry long enough so it smeared a bit, but overall, I can't wait to show this off tomorrow night!

What do you think of my last Halloween mani? Did you do anything spooky on your nails?

Btw, we are super close to 200, can we make it? I've got custom polishes on the way for the giveaway;)

Until Next Time & Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Jack loves Sally.. and S-he?

Hello again, lot's of posts for you the past couple of days, I hope you've been enjoying all of them! Today I have for you is a HitPolish called, Jack loves Sally. I saw this and fell head over heals. One of my favorite movie's of all time is The Nightmare Before Christmas, I think Tim Burton is pure genius in everything he does.

Jack Loves Sally is described by the maker in the best possible way, "Jack is represented by the black and white glitters, Sally's dress is represented by the square turquoise, matte purple, dandelion yellow hex and squares, pale blue hex for her skin, matte orange for her hair and black bars for her stitching" this couldn't have been a more perfect explanation.

For this, I used one and a half coat of Jack Loves Sally (I did a bit of dabbing on the "half") over two coats of S-he no. 304. Let me just tell you how much I love S-he polishes like I never knew I could love a polish. This had perfect, I mean, perfect application. This was a polish I received in my swap with gin. She really got me something I love. It's a deep grey base with loads of silver and olivegreen shimmer throughout. It ended up being a great match with Jack Loves Sally.

You can find HitPolish on etsy, I got a ton of mini's for $4.00.

Until Next Time!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Halloween Character

Woohoo, Second post for today. I still can't get over the weather here, it's been wonderful today. Today I have for you, a Halloween Character. I pondered this for a long time, was I going to do dracula? Another frankenstein? Then it came to me, Jack Skellington.

To make Jack, I started with two coats of Sinful Colors- Black on Black, and white acrylic paint for all of the white. I decided to use acrylic paint because I felt like I had better control of it, and it was more opaque then nail polish would have been.

I googled a few pictures of jack's head and came up with this. I love the turn out and when Isaac saw it he said ooh ma I like, haha. Gotta love 3 year olds ;)

Only a few days left of each challenge and I'm trying hard to finish them all!
What do you think of my Jack Skellington?

Until Next Time!

Nail-Aween Nail Art Challenge: Frankenstein

Happy Sunday! I've really been enjoying the weather we have been having here, nice and cool in the morning and at night, and not too hot during the day. This came a little early for Arizona this year, but I'll take it! Today I have for you, Frankenstein and his bride:) Onto the mani!

For today's mani I used a tutorial from Ihaveacupcake on youtube. I love this channel, there are so many great manis that she has done! I used her tutorial for Frankenstein and his bride.

I started with three coats of Color Club- Fly with me, a lime green with tons of glass fleck throughout. I had seen swatches of this but couldn't find it in stores anywhere, until I found the beauty supply shop with thousands of polishes. I could go on and on about this store. Anywho, then I went and made the stitches with Finger Paints- Black Expressionism, and making the face for both Frankie and his bride. FrankenBrides hair was so fun to do especially with her zigzag of white.

Next time I plan on using acrylic paints for my nail art to see if I can get cleaner lines, polish seems to dry too quickly. I really loved this one, and got tons of compliments on it.

Have you done any Frankenstein nails for Halloween? It's getting close!

Until Next Time!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nail-Aween Nail Art Challenge: Ghosts

Hello Beauties! Thank goodness for the weekend! I had preterm contractions again yesterday and had to have it stopped, doctors orders I'm to relax and stay off my feet. What could be better than that?! I can definitely do that! This will give me a chance to do my nails a million times a day if I wanted to;) mwuahaha. Okay, enough chat! On to the polish and nail art!

Today's challenge attempt was ghosts, I did spooky eyes as my last attempt, so this time I want with a more "ghost" theme then the last. I just received my first Lacquerhead Polish order in the mail the other day and this included My Boo!

Before I go on, let me tell you how cute the bottles are, they each come with a small bow on the cap, which I slid off while I was painting so I didn't ruin it. And the labels are so cute, they even have halloween images on them!

For my mani I used 3 thin coats of My Boo! a white base filled with small purple hex and medium orange and black hex glitters, followed by one coat of Seche Vite, I wish I had gotten pictures before I added the ghost face, but don't fret. I will definitely be wearing this polish again.

I then added ghost eyes and a mouth with my dotting tool and Finger Paints- Black Expressionism and Sinful Colors- Snow me white.
I think they came out rather cute, and My Boo! was too perfect not to put ghost faces with it.

What do you think of my ghosts?

You can find LacquerHead Polish on etsy and each bottle retails for $8.50 each, there is one bottle of My Boo left so if you want, you need to snatch it up before it's gone!

Until Next Time!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Ghosts

Woohoo, another nail art challenge post! I'm slowly catching up but I am determined to get caught up! I also have a few Halloween polishes I want to post before Halloween arrives!

Today's challenge is ghosts, since I am in two different challenges I had to think of two different ghost posts, this one I actually got from one of my other challenge bloggers, Dahlia at datyorkLOVES if you haven't checked her out, you must! She always has great manis to post.

For this I used one coat of Black Expressionism, and for the eyes I used Kleancolor- Bikini Green.

This was a super simple mani, but I really loved the turn-out and will definitely be wearing these again before Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed my ghost post, Until Next Time!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Spiders

Hello Lovelies! Wow am I really behind on my challenges. I'm going to be catching up in the next couple of days so expect quit a few posts from me! The corner of my middle fingernail broke, I was devestated. So you'll be seeing some nubbies for a while!

For this post I have spiders, what an epic fail this was. I know I say this a lot but this one I had re-done 3 seperate times and this is the best I could come up with.

For this I used two coats of China Glaze- Rougish Red, part of the 2012 Wicked Halloween Collection, I got this as a set from Sally's for only $8.99. What a deal!

On my ring finger I attempted to freehand spiders, my bundle monster plate with spiders isn't etched deep enough, I tried every stamping polish I could rummage up, and nothing would work so I had to turn to freehand. This was not how I expected it to turn out, but hey! I attempted;) I added some red rhinestones to make them look like black widows.

On the rest of my fingers I freehanded some spider webs, this came as a challenge to me, my hands were super shakey and I just couldn't get clean lines.

Overall, what did you think? The spiders could be cute if my lines were neater;)

I'm excited to show you the next couple of ones so stay tuned! And don't forget, at 200 followers I've got another giveaway planned;)

Until Next Time!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday

Hello Beauties! Long time no post, but I'm back with a bang! Life has been crazy stressful, preparing for baby but he is almost here and I'm ready for him to be here!

Today I have a jelly sandwhich, I've done this quit a few times and I love the way these turn out.

I started with two coats of OPI bubble bath, then used a coat of Nicole by OPI- Rainbow in the Sky-lie, and over that I used one coat of Nicole by OPI- Kim-pletely in love. I loved the way this turned out, I haven't been able to use Kim-pletely in love because for me, it's just way to sheer. For this mani it was perfect and I love the blue/purple shimmer in it.

I then stamped with Sally Hansen- Presto Pink and BM-321 for the ribbons. I loved the way this turned out and have already gotten tons of compliments.

What do you think of my sandwhich?

Until Next Time!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Nail-Aween Nail Art Challenge: Day 5: Mummies

Hello Beauties! Today I have a super failed attempt at mummies, I wasn't super happy with the turn-out and wanted to try something else, but work got in the way once again.

For today's challenge mummies I used Julep Blake- a grey creme, which was a one coater! Then I sponged on Julep Kate- a white shimmer, and for the "wraps" I used Sinful Colors- Secret Admirer, which is quickly becoming my FAVORITE polish to use for Halloween mani's if you couldn't tell;) Per a couple of requests I will have swatches of it up by itself soon.

What do you think of my mummies?

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Until Next Time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Bats

Hello, happy second posting of the day! I'm really trying to keep up on these and I'm a day late on this one so I really wanted to get it in!
Today's challenge was bats, this was way harder for me to come up with something, I didn't want to just do stamping (which I probably should have done) I wanted to free hand something so off to youtube I went! Well I finally found the one I really liked by IHaveACupcake which you can find here.

Here is my attempt, I thought it came out okay, but I'm not sure the bats really look like bats;) I used Kleancolor metallic fuschia for the tips, and Sinful Colors Black on Black for the bat.

Hope you enjoyed my short but sweet post! What do you think of my bats? We are still only a few followers away from my 200 follower giveaway! :)

Until Next Time!

Go Pink Wednesday!

Hello Ladies & Gents and Happy Wednesday! I've got another rendition of Go Pink Wednesday for you. One reason I really love this is because it includes one of my most lemmed polishes and it finally became mine. Remember last week when I told you about the dusty store I found?

Well I picked up a few polishes and OPI- Crown Me Already was the first one I searched out, and there it was, and it was mine for only $4. The poor man that owns the shop probably thinks I'm crazy at this point because I've walked in there with a list more than a few times. Gotta share my dusty hunting don't I? ;)

I used 3 coats of OPI- Crown Me Already, and for an accent finger I used two coats of Salon Perfect- Berry Pink, a bright hot pink with light pink shimmer throughout. My camera got scared of the super shininess of Crown Me Already so the pictures are a little fuzzy!

What do you think of my Go Pink Wednesday mani? I couldn't stop staring at it.

Until next time!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ACid/DC meets Puttin' on the Ritzzzz!

Good morning lovelies! *waves* I've been feeling a little crummy the past few days, between contractions and spending the night in the hospital because baby wants to come early, no fun. So I wanted to cheer myself up with something fun.

I used one of my polishes from my awesome swap with gin, Catrice- ACid/DC. I did two coats with a coat of Seche Vite. I love this one, the color is superb, an almost lime green with more green shimmer throughout, I almost didn't want to put anything over it, but of course, I did.

I'm not sure if it was the polish or my hands swelling up, but for some reason my hands were bright red while I was taking pictures of this alone.

After that I put one thick coat of Dollish Polish- Puttin'on the Ritzzz. This was a lemming as well that I got from a blog sale, so it was the one of the original Dollish Polish bottles/labels. I love these, because each label had a themed picture to the name of the polish.

What do you think of this combo? Do you have any Catrice or Dollish Polish?

Until Next Time!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainbow Honey- Swatch & Spam

Hello Lovelies! Boy have I got some great polishes to show you today. I finally purchased my first Rainbow Honey polishes, 3 for myself and one for a dear friend. I was completely amazed when they arrived, check out why! *WARNING* extremely picture heavy.

Check out the packaging, I mean right down to the very detail these babies are amazing. I love the heart cut out on the box to see what polish it is, but to make it better, it even has a sticker on the top of the box of what it looks like, and the name of the polish to top it off.

First off is Pinkie Promise this is described as "A fun and shimmery pink base filled with hex and tinsel glitter in magenta, light blue, and gold - this polish calls for a party!" It sure does call for a party!

I love the gold shimmer that runs through this. For my swatches I used 3 coats with topcoat.

To make it better, they even have a sticker on the top of the bottle, so in my collection I can see them even better;)

Next up is Sakura Matsuri Namesake described as "full of pink and white blossoms, adorned by holographic and iridescent glitters. It is a fun and festive layering polish that perfectly captures the spirit of the collection."

For my swatch I used two coats over 2 coats of OPI- Bubble bath, followed by topcoat.

Finally, we have Mare of the Moon descibred as "A deep and mysterious indigo polish with a violet color shift and a sprinkling of silver moon crescents and holographic glitters."

For this swatch I used 3 coats followed by topcoat, The moons were a little tricky to get out but alas I got two of them!

What do you think of the Rainbow Honey's I picked? Any favorites?

You can purchase Rainbow Honey on their website here. They retail for $10 for a full bottle, $5 for the mini's.

Until Next Time!