Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer lovin', had me a blast!

Hello lovelies! Today I have something special for you. I was looking at Amy's blog, I'm feeling nail-venturous and I found these beautiful swatches from nAiL'DiT unique polish (also known as andeevie) I immediately went to her etsy and quickly bought three of them!

Let me just say, the quality of these polishes is outstanding, and they shipped very quickly. I was very impressed with the uniqueness of these, she has matte glitters as well!

Today I will be showing you Summer Lovin MELON. This is my favorite of the three I got, simply because it looks exaclty like a watermelon! It is loaded with pink, magenta, orange and green glitters along with white bar glitters and the best... black hearts as seeds! This went on with ease, although I did have to dig and place the black hearts but that wasn't an issue for me at all. I layered one coat of summer lovin MELON over 2 coats of OPI gargantuan green grape. I thought this was the perfect combination. And wearing this made me have the grease song stuck in my head (hence the title for today's post ;))

Overall, I highly recommend these polishes, especially for how unique they are! She also has a facebook and at every 100 likes she does a giveaway for her polishes so make sure you check her out!

I hope you enjoy and until next time!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Guess whos baaaack?

That's right! Hello everyone! I've taken FAR too long of a break from my blog. I've been going through quit a few personal battles and basically pulled away from anything and everything that made me happy. But things have gotten better, not 100% but better and I'm really excited to get back to blogging and I hope you enjoy what I've got coming!

I've been on etsy quit a lot latley and have really built up my Indie collection. I even stalked llarowe to grab some Dollish Polish and CrowsToes in her recent launch. So what better way to start a new on the blog? An Indie of course!

Today for you I chose Pretty & Polished, jawbreaker. I have a love for this polish as it was the first indie I had ever purchased and I stalked her etsy as well. I have the original version before she reformulated so mine has square red glitters stuck to the bottom but it doesn't bother me one bit! This polish is beautiful and the name explains it insanley well. Its a white jelly base with multi colored shaped and sized glitters suspended in it. There is so much depth to it it is incredible!

I did two coats of jawbreaker, then decided to pull out my new bundle monster set. Can I just say that this set blew away my expectations? The images are much larger and a lot easier to transfer. I used plate bm-323 for the rose image and used both a red and blue polish. (I used sinful colors minis from winter 2011 collection but my bottles don't have names on them) followed by a coat of seche vite. I got so many compliments at work and it really boosted my spirits to post! Thank you so much and I hope you stick with me to show you what I've got! Until next time.