Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You asked, You Shall Receive! Haul post!

Hi everybody! Well, I've received so much great feedback from my giveaway, and a lot of you requested haul posts! So here is one of MANY to come!
These were all purchased throughout the month of October, I went a little overboard, as I was home on bedrest for a majority of the month. What better thing to do than to buy polish right? ;)

First up we have a giveaway package that I won from DIY polish halloween giveaway! I won Victoria from the manicurator prize pack. If you haven't already stalked Victoria's page as much as I have, you really most. Her photo's alone are so stunning. She sent me, OPI- Honk if you love OPI, Pretty&Polished- Bubble Tea, and Elixir Lacquer- Sinister, which to my knowledge is discontinued. I was so giddy when I opened this package! Thanks Victoria!

Next, I have a giveaway that I won from ThePolishHoochie 500 facebook follower giveaway! She sent me 4 of the FingerPaints fall collection, Fall-ing for you, Take it or leaf it, Be leaf it or not, and Plum startled. I can't wait to try these out, Thanks Diana!

Then, We have a Hitpolish haul I got from etsy. I had seen swatches of some of these beauties and had to get my hands on a few! So I picked up, Candied Jewels, Funhouse, Punked Up Kicks, Aquarelle, and Jack Loves Sally. I've already posted Jack Loves Sally here.

Then we have another load I got off etsy. As you can see I really love indies, I think that they are all extremely unique and they all have their own personality. So I got LacquerheadPolish Zombie Kisses, and My Boo, Lacquistry Ashberry Frease and Elizabeth's Bad Curtains, and Naild'It Unique Polishe Ghosthunt (I had been DYING for this polish)

Then I have a few JENsations polishes. Let me tell you about Jen really quickly, she was absolutely wonderful, when I received my first package, my bottle of Like Magic had broken in transit, I was so upset so I immediately emailed Jen and asked if I could purchase a new one, she instead offered to send me a replacement. Well, when I received it, right when I opened the mailbox I knew it was tragedy because I could smell the polish through the package. So I emailed her again, saying it was okay, and that I'de take the hit on it. Instead, she insisted she try again, so third time really is a charm because it arrived safe and sound (in about 8 layers of bubble wrap;)) We have Like Magic, Team Edward, and Snowflakes.

AND! I saved the greatest for last. My monthly swap package from Gin. She lives in Slovenia and we decided to do monthly swaps because there were so many things on our wishlists that we could get for eachother. Well, she sent me this package for my babyshower gift. I was so excited and stunned when I got it, I thought she was only sending me 4 polishes, and when I opened it, I almost CRIED! I had been dying for the new breaking dawn essence polishes (I am obsessed with vampires, especially twilight and she knew I had really wanted these) So she sent me a "vamp" package! <333 We have: Alice had a vision..again, Edwards Love, Jacob's Protection, and A piece of forever. Then, the unexpected, she sent me the Essence Eclipse collection too!!! Now you see why I almost cried? We have: Hide bella hide, Thirsty?, Undead?, and Don't bite me..Kiss me. She also sent tons of shampoo and conditioner samples from Slovenia and CANDY!! Isaac beat me to the candy already;)

And that concludes my haul post, what do you think?! What would you like to see swatched first?

Until Next Time!

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  1. Lots of dark colours in this haul i see you are getting in the fall mood :)