Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Daring Digits Come Back, with Holy Fire Swatched!

**Nothing to Disclose**

Good afternoon my beauties!! Today I have a really great polish to show you but first I'de like to take a minute to tell you about Daring Digits Comeback!

Ashley has been in my thoughts for a very long time since she said she would be retiring the line. After a few months of her dealing with a few things she has announced that she will in fact be back! And with a whole new collection Called Life v2.0. I'll have these up on my blog later this week. If your a fan as much as I am, your extremely excited! Ashley is so kind hearted and always puts her all into her collections!

This stunning beauty is Holy Fire. This was in her shop sometime last year and I picked up quit a few polishes and am SO glad I did.

Holy Fire is a beautiful nude based polish with loads of copper flakes in it!

Again, this is another great palette cleanser. Everything about this polish screams ME!

For my swatch I used three thin coats of Holy Fire topped with HK Girl Topcoat!

You can follow Daring Digits facebook for all of her updates! I can't wait for the return!

Until Next Time!

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