Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shimmer polish- Sammi

Hello! Welcome and boy do I have a great polish for you today. I've been so excited I nearly gave myself a heart attack when opening the mail box. I ordered a custom polish from Cindy, the mastermind behind shimmer polish. If you haven't seen her polishes, I dare you to check out her etsy. You will find nothing but beautiful handmade polishes that really have that something extra special to them.

Let me tell you a little about Cindy, she blew my mind. not only is her customer service incredible, but she made something for me that was down right more than perfect. I contacted her about my custom, two days later I had a response, I told her some of my favorite colors, she told me it would take about a week to make. I was totally okay with this as I've waited a few weeks for an already made to ship polish. Well, two days after that she emailed me to let me know my polish was ready! I couldn't believe it. Then a few short days I was drooling over the pretty I had in my hand. She was so sweet during the whole process and this will forever make me a shimmer polish owner.

Okay, step away from the gooshey stuff (haha) my polish is made up of pink, black, grey, holo and small blue, red, and purple glitters. This polish has so much depth and love I can't stop staring at my fingers as I type this. I layered my sammi over china glaze-dance baby. I wish I would have swatched this over black also, but I can always make another post;) Cindy made this especially for me, she has many other polishes in her shop that are to die for. Please visit her etsy and give her a try, I promise you won't be dissapointed. I hope you enjoy and until next time!



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