Monday, March 11, 2013

Daring Digits- 80's Hits VOL 1

Hello sweets and Happy Monday! I hope everyone's weekend was great, I took a small break to spend time with the boys and also, to work on this seriously amazing post. You are all in for a treat, and be prepared to drool! I am sharing with you Daring Digits new spring collection called 80's Hits!

Ashley, the amazing creator behind Daring Digits had made this collection based off of the biggest hits of the 80's. She has created a 10 piece collection, the biggest hit of each year has it's own polish. How clever is that?! Today I will be showing you VOL 1 (1980-1984) Let's begin shall we?!

First up, is Call me (1980) by Blondie, inspired by her album cover.

How insanely perfect is this? I could cry, and lick my fingers at the same time. Call me is a dusty bubble gum pink, filled with loads of blue and pink glitters. This reminded me so much of cotton candy, I wore this as a full mani because I couldn't bear to take it off.

This is two coats of Call Me over two coats of Sinful Colors- Pink Forever, followed by a coat of gelous. I could have used this on it's own, I would say three coats would give you full opacity. I'm so in love with this!

Next up, is Physical (1981) by Olivia Newton John and is inspired by the awesome outfit in her video.

I die! I seriously, could die. This combination of glitters is SO unique, it has loads of purple, white, and blue hexes all mixed together into, the greatest creation ever made! While I was swatching this I kept singing the song, so great!

This is two generous coats of Physical over one coat of Illamasqua- Muse, I had so much fun layering these polishes over different shades and I think this one fit perfectly.

Then we have, I Love Rock and Roll (1982) by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, inspired by the band name and her outfit in the video.

Say whattt?! Yup, you are seeing it, an incredible mix of black and red hearts with loads of red bar glitter and black hexes. What a perfect polish for this song.

This is one and a dabbed coat of I Love Rock and Roll over two coats of China Glaze- Solar Power, followed by a coat of gelous. With this I did have to fish for the hearts a little, but I was extremely impatient and should have turned the bottle upside down but did not.

Next up is, Every Breathe You Take (1983) by The Police inspired by the single cover.

Can someone please slap me into next week? This is one hell of a polish. I had so many options for base colors, but wanted to choose something that I thought would make the blue, yellow, and red glitters stand out. Gorgeous I tell you, GORGEOUS!

This is two generous coats of Every Breathe You Take over two coats of Zoya- Arizona, followed by one coat of gelous.

Last for today is, Like A Virgin (1984) by Madonna, inspired by the innocence of white ;)

Any one else singing along with me yet? Haha, this one is KILLER. I promise you, you need this one in your life. It is the perfect mix of all white glitters you could think of poured into a bottle, to put this amazingness(I get it, that's not a word) onto your nails!

This is two generous coats of Like A Virgin over Sinful Colors- Sweet Tooth, followed by a coat of gelous. I mean it, you need this in your life.

The 80's Hits collection will be available in Daring Digits on Facebook to keep up with release and restock information and you can visit her site here as well!

Make sure to stop by tomorrow to see Vol 2 of the 80's Hits collection and to run off and get some;)

Which ones do you love? Any you plan on ordering?

Until Next Time!

*Products in this post were provided to me for my honest review*


  1. Um. I need this entire collection. Right now.

    1. Gorgeous, RIGHT?!?!!! And how can you go wrong, it was based off the 80's!!

  2. These are totally fabulous. Thanks for showing them off! I suspect there is a neverending supply of inspiration, from all music, but 80's music videos pretty much scream glitter polish. It's awesome.

  3. These are all so gorgeous !! I love Like A Virgin the best :)

  4. Awesome and quite unique collection <3