Friday, March 8, 2013

Barry M- Textures!

Hello my sweets, wow and Happy Friday!! What a week this has been, I'm finally starting to feel better, so it's time for some good stuff! Today I have two of the new Barry M texture polishes to share with you and WOW, do I love them. I am really loving the texture polish craze, I think it gives a whole new look to polish, without being overdone. I now have Barry M, Zoya's Pixiedust and Milani textures! I can't seem to have enough.

First up, I have Kingsland Road, a super sweet creamy pink.

What I really love about Barry M's textures is that they don't have the "sandy" feel that the Pixiedust or LiquidSand does, it's more of a soft texture, I described it to my co-worker as "sugarcoated polish" I thought it was very fitting;)

I used three coats here, I could have easily gotten away with two!

Next up, is Ridley Road, a soft seafoam green.

Oh how I love this color, but it did NOT play well with my skin tone, I've never had a polish make my skin look so lobstery before! But I won't let that stop me from wearing this!!

Again, three coats but could have gotten away with two!

These are my first Barry M polishes and WOW I am impressed! I'll definitely be picking up more of these! Do you have any of their new texture line? I purchased mine from Ninja Polish and I really love their customer service, fast shipping, and their website!

Which is your favorite textured line that has come out? There is so many to count, but I don't doubt that I won't have one of at least each line!

Until Next Time!


  1. OH! I dig these textures more than the Pixie Dust ones. They remind me of that stuff you can paint onto your deck to give it the look of stone? Or the finish of painted cement. Neat. Thanks for showing these!