Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zoya Satin Collection Swatch & Review

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Hello my beauties! Today I have for you Zoya's Fall Satin Collection. What a beautiful collection this is, I mean seriously, I almost died doing every one of these swatches. Well enough chit chat, your here for the swatches right;)

First up we have Giovanna. This is described as "a stunning emerald green metallic" spot on Zoya, spot on. This color is so beautiful in person, when the light hits it, Holy Hell.

This is two EASY smooth coats of Giovanna with a coat of Seche Vite. I love that these were not streaky and so easy to apply.

Next up, we have Neve. This is described as "a metallic sapphire blue". Gorgeous, just simply gorgeous.

This color was so full of life, pictures can't capture how truly beautiful it is. Two easy coats, topped with Seche Vite.

Next up we have Claudine. Best described as "a striking dark meteorite metallic grey" this one looks more slate grey to me on the nail, but none the less BEAUTIFUL.

This was 2 easy coats, topped with Seche Vite. I love that this color is so universal! It would be great for nail art *wink wink*

Next we have Mason, described as "an exciting red violet or "Fandango Pink" metallic." HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. This had to have been my favorite of the collection, I couldn't believe the shift this color had. I was so amazed at the color pay off, UGH I DIE.

This was two easy coats of Mason, followed with Seche Vite, AGAIN, look at this color!!!

Next we have Channing, described as "a rusty red or coppery red metallic" I'de say this leaned more on the copper side especially at different angles, this was my second favorite in the collection, pure perfection.

This is two easy flawless coats of Channing followed with Seche Vite. SO GORGEOUSSSS!

Next I will show you Maria-Luisa, described as "a gold cellophane accent topper. This is so beautiful, beware for picture over load.

Giovanna with one coat of Maria-Luisa followed by Seche Vite

Neve topped with one coat of Maria-Luisa followed by Seche Vite

Claudine topped with Maria-Luisa followed by Seche Vite

Mason topped with one coat of Maria-Luisa followed by Seche Vite

Channing topped with one coat of Maria-Luisa followed by Seche Vite

Overall, this collection really did blow me out of the water, the formula, the colors, everything about it was pure perfection for me. Zoya fairies, you've done it again. Another beautiful collection.

What were your favorites from this collection? I can honestly say that I loved them all but Mason and Channing stole my heart.

You can find this collection on Zoya for $9 each.

I hope you loved this one as much as I did! Don't forget to enter my giveaway here! There are two winners to win the entire Color Club Halo Collection!

Until Next Time!

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