Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nail-Aween Challenge: Day 1- Water Marble- Fail

Direct Sunlight

Alright, Alright, I know what yáll are thinking, Sammi, This is not watermarbeling. Well, you see, I really DID try to do watermarbeling. Over 16 polishes were tried, and miserably failed, and 2 1/2 hours of my time, GONE. I tried everything, different types of water, different finishes, different ways of dropping the polish in the water, nothing was working. If anyone has any tips on this please feel free to let me know, I would love to do watermarbeling but I got so frustrated with it.
So I turned to my bundle monster plate, BM320 which thankfully has a faux marble stamp on it.

Direct Sunlight

The polishes I used for my base is China Glaze- Riveting, this was the first time I used this polish and it was absolutely beautiful. Riveting is a bright orange with golden shimmer shining through it. Definitely a must have for fall. For the stamp I used Finger Paints- Black Expressionism, which I've said before is AWESOME to stamp with. Then I used my dotting tool to add dots randomly with China Glaze- Solar Power.

Indirect Sunlight

I'm taking part in two different nail challenges for October so be prepared to see lots of Halloween inspired manicures!<3

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I hope you enjoyed even though it wasn't exactly water marbeling. Don't forget to enter my 50 follower giveaway here!
Until Next Time!


  1. This is so gorgeous! And oh well that it's not real marbling, it still looks fantastic! I love the colors you chose!

  2. Ah, you shouldn't have told anyone these were stamps - let them think you are the water marbling queen - LOL!! I can't even use this stamp, so good on ya - these look great!

    1. LOL right, I would have been the greatest water marbeler EVER!

  3. I still love it! I love the colors you used and the little dots you added!

  4. You totally got me at first! But I feel your pain, I've done those exact same experiments and failed enough times to never try it again haha. This is so pretty!

    1. UGH it was terrible! Thank goodness for other ways to do the trick;)

  5. Umm, excuse me but this is too gorgeous for words! LOL

  6. Yeah water marbling can be a pain sometimes. Took me forever to figure it out. Okay so it wasn't forever but it felt that way and I'm pretty sure I was high on nail polish fumes when I was done. What I found that worked best (for me)is:
    1: Use room temperature filtered water.
    2: Never use fast dry or matte polishes (they dry to quickly and gum up the works).
    3: I use mostly China Glaze and OPI they spread better (than Finger Paints, Sally Hansen, Nyx, etc).
    4: I use a long quilting needle to draw on my designs (orange sticks were to clunky and messy, the needle is more precise and easier to clean).
    5: Add a little nail polish thinner to the bottle of polish which will slow the dry time and give you more time to drop and design.
    6: I only dip one nail at a time because my fine motor skills are not awesome enough to prevent drag when doing more than one nail.
    7: I always end up with a couple redo nails because they get jacked up.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to have to try this again!

  7. Love the colors you used!! What an awesome mani Sammi !!

  8. When I read your title and then saw the picture I thought you were crazy. Lol. It looked perfect. Then I realized it was a stamp. :-) It is still so pretty! I'm doing this challenge as well and cringed when I saw water marble as the first design. I only do them when they are required for a challenge. They are way to messy for me and I highly dislike doing them. If I were a water labeling genius like Collette of My Simple Little Pleasures, my bell would be ringing a different tune.

    1. I just could not get it to work! It was terrible!

  9. I think water marbling is one of those things you really have to practice at.Here is what I've found...

    I use an old votive candle holder, not a large glass. LOL yes thats right, but the larger one just made an even bigger mess. I personally never noticed a difference between filtered and tap water it seemed to work the same for me. Most importantly it must be room temperature.

    Either way this mani is great!