Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainbow Honey- Swatch & Spam

Hello Lovelies! Boy have I got some great polishes to show you today. I finally purchased my first Rainbow Honey polishes, 3 for myself and one for a dear friend. I was completely amazed when they arrived, check out why! *WARNING* extremely picture heavy.

Check out the packaging, I mean right down to the very detail these babies are amazing. I love the heart cut out on the box to see what polish it is, but to make it better, it even has a sticker on the top of the box of what it looks like, and the name of the polish to top it off.

First off is Pinkie Promise this is described as "A fun and shimmery pink base filled with hex and tinsel glitter in magenta, light blue, and gold - this polish calls for a party!" It sure does call for a party!

I love the gold shimmer that runs through this. For my swatches I used 3 coats with topcoat.

To make it better, they even have a sticker on the top of the bottle, so in my collection I can see them even better;)

Next up is Sakura Matsuri Namesake described as "full of pink and white blossoms, adorned by holographic and iridescent glitters. It is a fun and festive layering polish that perfectly captures the spirit of the collection."

For my swatch I used two coats over 2 coats of OPI- Bubble bath, followed by topcoat.

Finally, we have Mare of the Moon descibred as "A deep and mysterious indigo polish with a violet color shift and a sprinkling of silver moon crescents and holographic glitters."

For this swatch I used 3 coats followed by topcoat, The moons were a little tricky to get out but alas I got two of them!

What do you think of the Rainbow Honey's I picked? Any favorites?

You can purchase Rainbow Honey on their website here. They retail for $10 for a full bottle, $5 for the mini's.

Until Next Time!


  1. Love Mare of the Moon !! Great picks btw :) Their packaging is just awesome !! What's wrong with me - I haven't even tried any of mine yet !!

    1. Thanks Vicky! You definitely should, they are perfection:)

  2. Sakura Matsuri! I love that RH! So pretty and cute :)

  3. How did you feel about the mini bottles, espeacially for Sakura Matsuri? I ordered my first RH's a while back and got a mini SM and a full sized A Little Kindness. I had no problems with ALK but the brush felt way too short to get the larger glitters out of SM. I used it a couple weeks ago to give my gma a mani and had to use a art brush just to fish the flowers out. I wonder if it would be better with a full size bottle??? Just wondering because I love it so much but I never use it because its such a pain.