Wednesday, October 3, 2012

365 Days of Color- Hocus Pocus Collection Swatches

Hello my pretties! I'm so happy to be sharing this post with you, I finally got around to swatching the entire 365 days of color Hocus Pocus Collection for you! Warning: This will be extremely picture heavy! And away we go!

First in line is I Smell...Children. A superb black jelly base with LOADS of purple micro shimmer, and purple hex glitters. The purple glitters in this have a certain glow that I just can't describe. Two coats with topcoat.

Next in line is Come Little Children. A clear base with lots of tiny red and black hex glitters, I loved this. No digging for glitters, extremely easy dry time as well. This is one coat of Come Little Children, over two coats of an unnamed Bonita jelly with topcoat.

Black Flame Candle, oh how I love thee. This polish was more than gorgeous, and my pictures were even able to pick up the silver shimmer loaded in the black jelly base. This is two coats with topcoat.

Then we have I Put a Spell On You. A clear base with loads of glitter and black hexes, the green hexes came in two sizes! This was so easy to apply, for a glitter, superb dry time. This is two coats of I Put a Spell On You over Sinful Colors HD nails, with topcoat.

And last but not least, Boouk! Oh beautiful Boouk, this was my most favorite of the bunch. Nude jelly base full of bronze, gold and brown glitters. I layered Boouk! over two coats of China Glaze Fast Track- with topcoat.

There you have it ladies and gents! Which is your favorite of the collection? I loved every single one but Boouk! was at the top of my lemming list.
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Until next time!


  1. Beautiful polish collection!!! I have to say I think Boouk is my fave too!!!

  2. love the last one! Boouk ♥

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  3. I love come little children and Boouk!

  4. Awesome collection, my absolute favorite is Boouk!! I need to get that one!!

  5. Great collection. I love Boouk!