Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Spiders

Hello Lovelies! Wow am I really behind on my challenges. I'm going to be catching up in the next couple of days so expect quit a few posts from me! The corner of my middle fingernail broke, I was devestated. So you'll be seeing some nubbies for a while!

For this post I have spiders, what an epic fail this was. I know I say this a lot but this one I had re-done 3 seperate times and this is the best I could come up with.

For this I used two coats of China Glaze- Rougish Red, part of the 2012 Wicked Halloween Collection, I got this as a set from Sally's for only $8.99. What a deal!

On my ring finger I attempted to freehand spiders, my bundle monster plate with spiders isn't etched deep enough, I tried every stamping polish I could rummage up, and nothing would work so I had to turn to freehand. This was not how I expected it to turn out, but hey! I attempted;) I added some red rhinestones to make them look like black widows.

On the rest of my fingers I freehanded some spider webs, this came as a challenge to me, my hands were super shakey and I just couldn't get clean lines.

Overall, what did you think? The spiders could be cute if my lines were neater;)

I'm excited to show you the next couple of ones so stay tuned! And don't forget, at 200 followers I've got another giveaway planned;)

Until Next Time!


  1. looks great with the rhinestones!

  2. The rhinestones realy make it special ;)

  3. I think this is so cute! Your spiders are adorable with their rhinestone!