Saturday, November 17, 2012

HitPolish- Aquarelle

Hello Beauties! Life is so great, I have both of my son's at home with me and Carter is doing so well, he was in the NICU for 4 days after he was born because I went into labor 3 weeks early. He was having trouble breathing and he had also swallowed fluid, while he was in the NICU I also found out he was jaundice, and they thought he was going to have to stay a few more days after I was discharged. I was lucky enough that is levels were low enough that I got to take him home, but that we would have to do in-home photo therapy. It's been going so well and the doctor gives us good praises. So thankful, funny he was born in November;)Isaac is also taking to his little brother so well, he gives him kisses and tells him he loves him, went better than I thought:)
These swatches are a little backlogged so you'll see longer nails then my little nubbins that I'm sporting right now.

Today I am showing you one of the Hitpolishes I ordered, Aquarelle. It is described as "a beautiful pastel mix of mini matte aqua hex, matte white bars, small matte lilac hex and medium matte bubblegum pink squares. So soft, delicate and feminine looking." This polish really is so beautiful.

I layered one and a dabbed coat over two coats of China Glaze- Sweet hook. I loved the way this looked, it was simple yet so stunning.

Sweet hook I wore for a day by itself. I really loved this color, its a light lavender with pink undertones, the formula was perfect! All of this had one coat of seche vite.

You can find HitPolish on etsy, Full Size bottles retail for $8.00 and mini's retail for $4.00. Do you own any Hitpolish?

Until Next Time!


  1. Not heard of this brand, but I like this particular polish. Perfect for this time of year, I'm loving the glitters right now!

  2. Love the color combo !! This is just gorgeous !!

  3. Gorgeous nails! I hope all goes well with the at-home photo therapy. One of my girlfriends had to do that with her little one and it worked really well!

  4. Great news, lush mani - I love the colours! :)