Monday, November 5, 2012

November Nail Art Challenge- Day 2: Polka Dots

Hello Ladies & Gents! Today I have the second installment of Erica's Nails & More 10-day challenge. This challenge definitely has my creative juice flowing! Today's polka dot mani was inspired by none other than the wonderful Sara from Chalkboard Nails. She did a beautiful blue and pink gradient dot mani, and I wanted to do something with the same effect, but not exactly the same.

So I took a little inspiration from her and used three different colors. I used China Glaze- Stone Cold, what's great about this challenge is it's also allowing me to use some untrieds;)) China Glaze- Trendsetter, and China Glaze- Snow Me White. Stone Cold actually gave me a bit of trouble, for the pictures is 3 coats. I found the first coat to be really streaky and uneven, but as the coats built up it was beautiful. A black matte with silver shimmer all throughout. This is also with no topcoat, I loved the effect it had.

So mine came out as more of random dots then a gradient, but this is easily one of my favorites.

What do you think of my polka dots? I can't wait to see the other challengers dotticures!

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Until Next Time!


  1. Great colour combo eventhoug on their own might not look as impressive ;)
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Nice job, it looks fabulous, I'm not a polka dot kinda girl but I would mos. def. rock this!!

  3. You make me wish I would have done multiple sizes and colors on my nails. I think these look great!

  4. Love your colour choices :D Looks awesome!