Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Darling Diva Christmas Swatches & Review

Hello my dear readers!! And hello new faces as well! I'm so excited for today's post and I hope you are too. I have 3 polishes from the Darling Diva's Holiday collection, but today I will be showing you too, and tomorrow I'll be showing you the third.

For today, I am bringing you Frah-zhee-lay & Pink Nightmare. Can anyone guess what these polishes are named after? My all time FAVORITE Christmas movie, A Christmas Story. Poor Ralphie, always getting into some type of trouble.

First up, Frah-zhee-lay, it must be italian;) This polish is jam packed full of goodness. Red, green, iridescent and gold glitters and HUGE silver holographic hexes which I loved!

I layered one and a dabbed coat of FZL over ONE flawless coat of China Glaze- Holly Day, followed by a coat of gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. I thought this pair was perfect together, a real christmas-y effect.

The large hex glitters came out in numberous numbers, so I placed the ones I wanted on the rim of the bottle, then placed them where I wanted as to not over lap or stack the glitters. This worked very well, and the polish did not thicken or get gloopy on me during this process.

I really think FZL is a must have as part of a holiday collection, and you could easily layer it over other colors to wear year round!

Next up is Pink Christmas. Oh how I loved this one as it is such a great part in the movie. If you haven't seen it, Ralphie gets a pink bunny outfit, complete with footies and all for Christmas and he hates it but is forced to wear it.

Pink Nightmare is a pink shimmer base loaded full of pink shimmer, irridescent shimmer, medium magenta hexes, and my favorite, LARGE white and pink holographic glitters.

I used the same dab method as FZL for Pink Nightmare over 2 coats of an Unnamed Bonita purple/pink shimmer. It was a perfect pair, followed by a coat of gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.

The formula on this was near perfect, I had no trouble getting the large glitters out. This one is another must have in your collection, and again a year round polish! I see myself wearing this a lot in the springtime!

What do you think of these two polishes? Would you get either one?
You can purchase Darling Diva Polishes on etsy, bottles ranging from $8.00 and $12.00 and Carrie is so sweet and so responsive. Great Customer Service! Also, make sure to like their Facebook with updates and suprises!

Check back tomorrow for the third polish, it's a great one!

Until Next Time!

*polishes in this post were provided for my honest review*

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