Saturday, December 15, 2012

Alice Had a Vision Again, stamped!

Hello beauties, what a wonderful few days it has been here. Nice cool weather and I actually had to pull out my jacket! Today I have a post that I meant to post last Sunday for Stamping Sunday- Gold. FAIL. I had so much going on that day I just couldn't get the post up, so better late than never!

I used two coats of Alice Had a Vision..Again and stamped with A Piece of Forever and my Cheeky XL plate.

The rumors were true when I heard A Piece of Forever was a great stamping polish, the inconsistency in the stamping is user error, I need a new stamper and I'm currently waiting on my XL one to arrive!

I hope you enjoyed, even though it was posted a bit late;)

Until Next Time!


  1. So pretty !! I don't have A Piece of Forever but I think I need to pick it up since it stamps so well !!