Saturday, December 22, 2012

Glitzology- Mrs. Grinch

Gooood Morning! Remember I told you how I wasn't going to do any Black Friday shopping, but of course I did anyways? Well one of my purchases was from Glitzology They were running an INCREDIBLE 50% off sale which I couldn't pass up. So I bought 9, yes 9, mini's. So you'll be seeing a lot of Glitzology on the blog in upcoming posts!

Today I have for you, Mrs. Grinch. "It features lots of lighter, leaf green base glitter as well as emerald green hexes, red hexes and bars, iridescent glitter, and a bit of green mica for shimmer." -glitzology says. I decided to layer two coats Mrs. Grinch over three coats of a pea green base, an Unnamed Bonita polish.

The consistency of the formula was near perfect, I had a little bit of clumping of glitters but nothing bothersome. The red bar glitters really made this something special.

What do you think of Mrs. Grinch? I think this is a polish Mr. Grinch would be proud of;)

Make sure to like Glitzology on Facebook as they run sales quite often!

Until Next Time!


  1. wow - what an amazing polish, the red bars are really unusual. Love it!

  2. Wow love this combo !! Happy New Year, Sammi :)