Monday, February 18, 2013

LynBDesigns Dream Wiffim a Dweam week: Day 1!

Hello my sweets!! How was everyone's weekend? I wish mine could be extended! Today I have for you the start of a week long event! LynBdesign has done it again, she has made another spectacular collection that I'll be showing you. *THIS WILL BE EXTREMELY PICTURE HEAVY!*

Dweam Wiffim a Dweam was created after the Princess Bride. I can't say enough good things about Jenna, she is so sweet and how could you NOT love her polishes?!?!! Let's get started with the first 4 from the collection shall we?

First up, Princess Buttercup which is described as "A bright yellow base with all sorts of white glitters. It also has shimmer that shifts from yellow to orange to red."

Did you see that? Yes, yes you did! HOLY mother of goodness. I love this polish. I went and bought a back up bottle the second I put it on, why? LOOK HOW GORGEOUS IT IS!!!

I tried to capture as much of the color shift as I could, but up close, you can see the gorgeous shift between orange and red, to almost a pink. And the white glitters? GORGEOUS! In my photo's I've used 3 thin coats of Princess Buttercup followed by a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast.

Next up, we have Let's Get Mawwied which is described as "A creamy white base loaded with pastel hexagons in all sorts of colors and sizes. Including itty bitty baby blue hexes.

I DIE! I really love this, the pastel colored glitters really make this one of a kind. Most of the glitters I've been seeing have neon glitters (which don't get me wrong are awesome) but it's nice to have a little more simplicity!

Gorgeous this polish is! Shown is 2 thin coats over two coats of a plain white creme with a coat of Wicked Fast. I did try to swatch this with no undies, but I liked it with them better!

Then we have, Don't Torture Me which is described as a "light blurple with white flakies."

Now I must tell you, I could not get this color to photograph correctly, it is much lighter in person, still gorgeous!

The white flakies are very subtle, again, simplistic which I'm loving. 3 thin coats with a coat of Wicked Fast shown. With this one, I recommend waiting a few minutes between coats because as you can see I had slight balding in some areas.

Lastly for today I have, Miracle Max described as "A glitter topper with white stars, hearts and hexes with irridescent glitter."

I'm so in love, I've said this a lot in this post but seriously, have you seen all of these beauties?!?!! The irridescent glitters are so pretty, and would look great over a dark color as well.

Shown here I have 1 coat over Don't Torture Me. I did have to do a little fishing for the hearts but the stars came out really easily!

What do you think of this collection so far? Anything you'de like to order? Well guess what! Right now Jenna has a sale going on on her etsy, use coupon code "CUPID" to receive 50% off of your order!! I went and picked myself up a few as well! Also, make sure to like her facebook to keep up to date with new releases and deals she has!

Until Next Time!

*Polishes provided to me for my honest review*

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