Friday, February 22, 2013

LynBDesigns Land Before Time Collection!

Hello my sweets!!! Today I have for you, what I've been waiting for, the release of LynBDesigns Land Before Time Collection! This actually is really special to me, because I came to Jenna with an idea of making polishes based off of the movie the Land Before Time. If you don't know me, then you wouldn't know that besides nail polish, I'm obsessed with Dinosaurs. Yes, I said it, Dinosaurs. I don't really know why, it started when I was in high school, my nickname was even SammisaurousRex (silly I know) Let me just say, I am so glad I have two boys, because EVERYTHING is Dinosaur!!

So Jenna willingly took on my ideas of these polishes, based off of the characters Little Foot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike. She ran with it, and made them even more amazing then I could have imagined. Then she decided that she loved them as much as I did, and asked if she could use them as a collection in her shop! I was so honored and happy of course I said yes! So here I am today, to show you our collaboration collection and to also introduce them into her shop as they are being released.. TODAY!

First up, Little Foot described as "a purpley grey crelly base with small white hexes and various silver glitters"

Do you see it? Do you see the beautifulness that is this polish? This portrays Little Foot so well. I'm so happy with the way that this came out, when she showed me preview pics I wanted them right that second.

This is three thin coats with a coat of Wicked Fast. How perfect is this? Are you ready for more?

Next, Cera described as "a creamy light orange color with scattered small yellow, orange, and pink glitters, with flakies tossed in for fun"

This one is so stunning, I have such fair colored skin and most colors like this don't work for me, and even Jenna said it does for her as well, but this one, this one I could wear all day, every day and never not like it. The multi colored glitters, especially the pinks really pop in the sun. Oh I'm in love.

This is two coats topped with Wicked Fast. This is so perfect and certainly a shade you could wear year round.

Next, Ducky described as "a bright springy green color that has a ton of small glitters to offer, greens, gold and yellow."

WOW. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jenna knows her shimmers. I can't even tell you how much pictures don't do this polish justice. It is so beautiful in person, the gold has such a huge effect on the nail.

This is three thin coats, I did not want to use undies with this as I wanted everyone to see how truly magical it is. I don't mind the VNL, it's so worth it!

Next, Petrie described as "a creamy white base that features larger black hexes, strips and diamond, gold flakies and other various small glitters"

Have I killed you yet? I'm practically dead over here! Isn't Petrie so cute?! yes, cute. I love the soft deilcate touch it has even with the black glitters. Petrie is a very delicate character, this polish suits him well.

This is one thin coat over OPI- Gargantuan Green Grape. I liked it over white, but over this spring green made it even better. I'm loving everything about Petrie.

Last, but not least, Spike described as "a glitter bomb much like the character, messy and sloppy but adorable. Iridescent squares, gold flowers, gold holo hexes and so many more colors"

This really is such an adorable polish, so many different glitters and colors, the little flowers make this a million times better and really are a pick me up.

I have one coat over Ducky. So gorgeous, again, Jenna has blown me AWAY!

And that Ladies & Gents, concludes the Land Before Time collection. Which ones do you love? Me? I LOVE THEM ALL! If I HAD to pick a favorite, I'de pick Ducky.

Which ones will you be picking up? Don't forget to stop over at LynBDesigns to pick yours up TODAY!!

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  1. Which ones do I love?


    Your pix and review are inspiring, Sammi.

    Now, I've got to make room in my budget for more nail polish. :)


  2. Wow Little Foot and Petrie are my favorite! Gorgeous swatches!