Friday, February 15, 2013

Mrs. P's Nail Potions- Gold Digger

Hello Again! I have another really exciting post for you today, and well overdue. I have for you, Mrs. P's Nail Potions, Gold Digger. This is a warning, an EXTREMELY picture heavy post.

Gold Digger will be part of Bree's mood changing line, it goes from a burnt almost blakened gold when cold, to a bright shimmery cold when warm. This polish was so much fun to wear, I got a lot of "oooh's and aaah's" when I was wearing it.

First, I'll be showing you how it looked coming straight out of the bottle and onto my nail. All pictures show base coat, 2 coats of Gold Digger, topped with one coat of Cult Nails- Wicked Fast.

As you can see, it's bright gold on my nail bed, but at the tips it starts to turn into the blackened gold color. I was amazed at this myself, it made it look almost as if I was wearing an entirely different color on my tips!

The formula on this was like butter, really, like butter. I couldn't believe how easy this was to get on my nails. I have one other mood changer and the formula is terrible.

Next up is how it would look like cold. In the pictures I've used cold and warm water to help aid in the changing process, but let me tell you! I took the boys out to the park while I was wearing this, and it was freezing, almost immediately when I stepped outside it turned to this blackened gold. So impressed!

I really love the color when it is cold, there is just something about a nice dusty gold to change my mood, ha-ha, get it? mood changer, it changed my mood? ...I need some sleep.

Another thing I really love is the bottles, they are square with her beautiful logo, I think the logo is so cute and creative!

Next up, I have for you what it looks like when warm, again with water aiding in the process. A really bright fun gold.

This color is so unique to my stash, I have no gold that even comes close to this, I'm sure I will find myself wearing this a lot before it starts to get too warm to get the color to change!

As you can see, my tips started to turn to the "cold" color within about a minute! This is definitely a quick color changer!

Bree has not yet released her color changing line, but keep up to date with her release of them from her etsy page, and make sure to check out her facebook while your there!

What do you think of Gold Digger?

Until Next Time!

*This polish was provided to me at a discounted rate for the exchange of my honest review*

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